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Leptis Magna

Leptis Magna is one of the only completely preserved Roman cities in the world and among the most attractive tourist destinations in Libya. Situated on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa in the Libyan province, this unique ancient monument Leptis Magna was built under the rules of the Roman architectural tradition.

Located about 120 km east of Tripoli near the town of Al-Khoms, Leptis Magna is an ancient cultural and commercial center. Leptis Magna occurred around 10th century BC as a Phoenician trading colony.

At the time of Julius Caesar, Leptis Magna population was around 100 000 people. During Trajan's, Leptis Magna became a colony, but at the time of Severus, who was born there, the city gets called ius italicum, which means more tax exemptions. The location is the end point of trade routes, so pr...[ More on Leptis Magna]

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Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle is another medieval treasure in the territory of England. On September 21st 1327, after months of torture there, Edward II was brutally murdered because of his homosexual relations with unknown men. This palace is located in the southeastern part of the city bearing the same name, which is located in the English county of Gloucestershire.

The construction of Berkeley Castle was started in 1154 by order of Henry II. The fortified building was erected to protect Bristol, which was then an important time for the Severn Estuary and the Welsh border. It is believed that the construction of Berkeley had ended somewhere around 1189.

Merciless murder of Edward II at the palace, according to many is a fact, although there is no real information and no evidence. Today you can still see in the authentic ...[ More on Berkeley Castle]

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Herrenchiemsee Castle

Herrenchiemsee Castle is the most opulent palace built by the Bavarian King Ludwig II in the 19th century. Designed as a copy of the palace at [Versailles], Herrenchiemsee is as it rises over the majestic island Herreninsel, the largest island located in the middle of the large lake Chiemsee. This area is located in southern Bavaria, between [Munich] and [Salzburg].

Beautiful Herrenchiemsee may remind you of the neo-romantic masterpiece, Neuschwanstein, although Chiemsee is not a popular tourist destination, the castle is the Disney logo. However, the beautiful architecture and beautiful park of the castle gardens attract thousands of tourists annually from around the world.

While walking around you will be filled with calm and pleasant emotions and you can rely on the fact that you will not be crowded with...[ More on Herrenchiemsee Castle]

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Latest discoveries from the Dinosaur Era

Latest discoveries from the Dinosaur Era

On an island in the remote Arctic archipelago of Svalbard laid the remains of a giant meat eating sea monster, it was known to have patrolled the oceans during the reign of the fabulous dinosaurs.

It was described as the most significant Jurassic discoveries ever made. The Norwegian fossil hunters firstly recovered the rear half of the reptiles skull south west of Spitsbergen. It was identified as a new species know as pliosaur.

The pliosaur was described as a group of extinct aquatic reptiles that had huge skulls, short necks and four flippers to aid them with swimming. The evidence of the findings allowed us to tell that the this magnificent creature was in fact on top of the food chain, measurements of the partial skull and 20, 000 other bone fragments teaches us this was really the biggest aquatic dino...[ More ]

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